Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Once again I've fallen to the habit of starting something with good intentions and failing to keep up with it. I'll nail it some time in the future but in order to slowly work up to that, I'm keeping a series of my posts private or rather "draft mode" until I finally figure it out. There's a lot already written in my mind and well I'm not the best person to write them out, but I'm the only person who can do that job. As it's been said in previous posts, I moved to an English Major with a focus in Creative Writing for fiction or non fiction purposes; I still hate poetry. I have a specific reason to ever continue on writing at this point. I need to self-heal and figure out my past memories once and for all. I think it's why I tend to lose myself a lot. I just can't remember anything properly. When I was in middle to high school I kept journals. Unfortunately for me, I didn't know how to actually write them to any use. So as a now Senior College student, I'm going back to the basics... again. Whatever I think is important or relevant, I need to write it. I suspect there is expected to be a massive update of what I'll learn or have learned too throughout this and I'm anticipating a lot of improvement. In the time I've been gone from this site, I know I did one thing right. And I can't thank Scribbles and Coco, my two hooded rats, enough for sharing my life with them.